There are three disabled parking spaces (without markings for vehicle length and width) at the Obstfelderschmiede valley station.

Stops and vehicles

The stops and vehicles of the Thüringer Bergbahn and Schwarzatalbahn are wheelchair accessible.

Due to the design of the funicular line, wheelchairs can only be transported in the passenger carriage. The passenger carriage leaves the Lichtenhain summit station on the hour and the Obstfelderschmiede valley station at half-past.

Staff need to know if a wheelchair user is using the funicular so they can add extra time for boarding and disembarking. Passengers may bring assistance dogs.

Obstfelderschmiede valley station

  • External access routes are surfaced with tarmac, concrete paving, metal grilles and wood. The gradient can reach 10%.
  • A ramp behind the station provides access to the passenger carriage.
  • We ask wheelchair users to let staff know they are travelling (either in advance or when they reach the station) and they will be accompanied to the carriage.
  • There is a small step at the carriage entrance.
  • The vehicle can transport up to three electric wheelchairs simultaneously.

Lichtenhain summit station

  • The passenger carriage can be accessed by means of a short ramp with a gradient of less than 6%.

Upland route between Lichtenhain and Cursdorf

  • A ramp with a gradient of less than 6% and a lift bring passengers to the upland line's vehicles.
  • The step at the railcars' entrance can be up to 12 cm high. A gangway can be used to provide access.
  • Railcars depart from the replacement platforms during events (e.g. the funicular festival) or if operational considerations make this necessary. In these instances, passengers with reduced mobility cannot access the vehicles.
  • Platforms and vehicles are at the same level at Oberweissbach and Cursdorf.

Disabled toilets

Obstfelderschmiede valley station
The toilet is located in a separate building in the carpark. Travellers need a key to open the door. 

Dimensions for access: right = 180 cm, left = 55 cm, depth = 56 cm.

Lichtenhain summit station
The toilet is located outside the main entrance. Travellers can use it free of charge during the funicular's hours of operation.
It features a changing table for babies.

Dimension for access: right (only) = 140 cm, space in front of toilet = 85 x 85 cm.


Disabled travellers with Germany's green-and-orange disability card and the accompanying permit for free travel can use the network free of charge.

Additional information

Paths in the Fröbelwald adventure trail are not wheelchair accessible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone.