Upland line

Starting at the summit station, an electrified line runs for 2.5 km from Lichtenhain to Cursdorf via Oberweissbach. It is served by two vintage railcars from the 1960s: these unique ET 479 vehicles are in service nowhere else as they were specially built for the Oberweissbach mountain railway.

Our highlight – the "oils carriage"

We have refitted one of our class 479 railcars to turn it into a mobile showcase for what are locally known as "Olitäten", or fragrant oils. The Schwarza valley has a long tradition of herbal and other natural remedies, and specialist pedlars transported these products from the area to the wider world. Dedicated to the small wonder-working plants that the trade was based on, the carriage contains the following:

  • A host of images focusing on the herbs and oils
  • Interactive elements that provide interesting facts about the herbs and oils
  • Glass roof and open windows
  • Binoculars that provide a better look at the beautiful scenery

The railcar operates during good weather from May-October as part of normal services.

Mountain railway tickets include travel on the upland line.

All of the upland line's stops and vehicles are accessible to wheelchairs and prams.